Sunday, 29 December 2013

About me (I)

Hey guys, my name is Kaung Htet Wai Yan, you can call me Wai Yan. My hobbies are swimming and playing some computer games. When I'm free I would play computer games or just listen to some music. One thing you can take note of me is that I . Look forward to seeing you on January 2014! Bye! :D

A video clip that caught my attention

The Original Double Slit Experiment

There was a time when people were debating whether light were made of particles or waves. Years later, a scientist carried out an experiment that settled everything. This is a reconstruction of the experiment.

What I have Learnt

- Light is made of waves
- Different colours are made of different wave lengths of light
- How colours form

Places I like to go in Singapore

Digital Citizenship - Random Thoughts

My Favourite Song

Good "Digital" Practices